Esta empresa (innolact - Quescrem) participa no Plan Foexga 2016-2017 Operación cofinanciada polo Fondo Europeo de Desenvolvemento Rexional Programa Operativo FEDER Galicia 2014-2020.

Como apoio ao proceso de internacionalización, “(innolact),” ten axuda concedida pola Xunta de Galicia a través de IGAPE para participar no Plan de Fomento das exportacións galegas (Foexga) 2016 -2017, cofinanciado polo Fondo Europeo de Desenvolvemento Rexional no marco do Programa Operativo FEDER de Galicia 2014-2020, OT3 Conseguir un tecido empresarial mais competitivo. Unha maneira de facer Europa.

O obxectivo principal do Plan Foexga é incentivar e estimular o comercio exterior galego e a internacionalización das pemes galegas. O resultado que se pretende é aumentar a base de empresas exportadoras e consolidar a presenza de empresas galegas nos mercados internacionais.

Con la intención de otorgar mayor valor añadido tanto a la empresa como al sector lácteo, Quescrem se encuentra a la vanguardia en Investigación y Desarrollo de nuevos productos, desarrollo de productos a medida y formulaciones y aplicaciones únicas en el mercado.

Los recursos generados han sido continuamente reinvertidos en la empresa, destinando más de un 10% de su cifra de negocio anual a inversiones en I+D+i. Contamos con un departamento propio de I+D con más del 20% de la plantilla total de la empresa, en constante colaboración con el Centro tecnológico Lácteo de Lugo (CTLácteo) y con el CDTI (Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial), con el que hemos trabajado en importantes proyectos colaborativos.

*Se tiene a disposición de todas nuestras partes interesadas, la visión y el plan estratégico del sistema de gestión de I+D+i que rige la norma Une 166002, en la cual estamos certificados.



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Esta empresa participa nun proxecto de internacionalización, operación cofinanciada polo Fondo Europeo de Desenvolvemento Rexional programa operativo Feder Galicia 2014-2020.


Como apoio ao proceso de internacionalización, Innolact S.L., ten axuda concedida pola Xunta de Galicia a través do Igape cofinanciada polo Fondo Europeo de Desenvolvemento Rexional no marco do programa operativo Feder de Galicia 2014-2020, OT3 Conseguir un tecido empresarial máis competitivo. Unha maneira de facer Europa.

O obxectivo principal destas axudas é incentivar e estimular o comercio exterior galego e a internacionalización das pymes galegas. O resultado que se pretende é aumentar a base de empresas exportadoras e consolidar a presenza de empresas galegas nos mercados internacionais.





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How to Make the Perfect Cheesecake

Close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine the perfect cheesecake. We are sure that if we compared each of the delicious cheesecake that our imagination has transported us, they would be very different from each other, but all of them would become part of the succulent kingdom of the best cheesecakes.


What is a cheesecake?


A cheesecake is something as simple as a sweet preparation, baked or not, whose main ingredient is the cheese mixed with sugar and eggs. From there the fantasy is the absolute protagonist and we can find an infinite variety of recipes for cheesecakes with different flavors, textures and finishes. There is a great diversity of cheesecakes, depending on the country and customs of each region we will discover different variations of this delicate mouthful to which European origin is attributed. However, we must recognize that it is in North America where the cream cheese cheesecake has become the undisputed protagonist of all after-dinner, returning to us with renewed popularity.


Cream cheese, the star ingredient

The essential ingredient of any cheesecake that presumes to be is a good cream cheese. We can affirm without fear of being mistaken, that the cheesecake is the star application of this modality of creamy and spreadable cheese.

The reasons are weighty, the cream cheese gives the cream cheesecakes a good structure and a delicious taste. Depending on the type of cheesecake we want to make there will be a cream cheese more appropriate for each case. But in all of them we will have to take into account something fundamental, the quality of the cream cheese we use. The balance between fats and proteins has to be adequate for the recipe that we intend to carry out, as well as its content in stabilizers to assure the greater or lesser firmness of our elaboration. What a priori may seem very complicated is much easier than you imagine. To help you make the perfect cheesecake, whatever recipe you have in mind, we will go over everything you need to know to achieve results like the best pastry chef.


Types of Cheesecakes

We are not going to overwhelm you with historical data. Just tell you that already in Ancient Rome in the offerings to temples, included a preparation of cheese, flour, eggs and honey that was baked. With these simple ingredients, it is easy to think that the recipe spread throughout Europe by the hand of Roman expansion. Thus we reach the fourteenth century in France, a time when the oldest publication of a cheesecake recipe integrated into a recipe book is known to have been published. In centuries to come with the exodus of Europeans to America, the production and its variants would spread throughout the American continent …

It is been a long time since you got to your modern electric oven with time and temperature control... Today we can find all kinds of cheesecakes, from the simplest creations, reminiscent of what could have been the origins of cheesecake, to the most sophisticated and elaborate cheesecake. Each one of them requires its own technique and ingredients and knowing the basic notions will assure you success in its elaboration. let us review the different types of cheesecakes highlighting their particularities and the best cream cheeses to use in them.


There are two essential types of cheesecake, which in turn are subdivided into a variety of recipes, we talk about the baked cheesecake and the no baked and cold cheesecake. The differences between them are considerable in texture and taste, taking into account that some solidify with heat and others cold and require different ingredients and proportions.

Baked Cheesecake

It is one of the most traditional cheesecake and a lesson in simplicity in the kitchen. Starting from three basic ingredients, cream cheese in a proportion of 40-50 percent, sugar and eggs, the result is a simple but exquisite sweet to the palate. Its essential characteristic is that it is cooked in an oven, either directly or in a bain-marie, at moderate baking temperatures ranging from 160 to 200 degrees. Some types of baked cheesecake may contain other dairy ingredients such as butter, sour cream, milk or other types of cheese.


In its most basic recipe is one of the easiest cakes to make and allows countless variants to play and have fun in the kitchen, which can become the most sophisticated of the preparations. Our most suitable products for this type of recipes are the Regular Cream Cheese, available in 0percent lactose, light and organic versions. It has a balanced composition that makes it very creamy, without detracting from its lightness, assuring us a very stable creamy and spongy cheesecake after baking. Its flavour is natural and very fresh, which allows us to combine it with an infinite number of flavours, with the added advantage that it emulsifies perfectly with other fats and liquids.


Another option is our Original Recipe Cream Cheese, ideal for those preparations that need a cream cheese with a consistent texture, which guarantees baking without unpleasant surprises such as cracks or sunken areas. This is the case with American-style cheesecake, such as New York Cheesecake or Philadelphia cheesecake.


If you feel like experimenting try our Quescrem Flavours, especially the varieties pink pepper, manchego cheese and blue cheese to make cheesecakes with lots of personality with all the benefits of cream cheese in this type of creations.


No-Bake Cheesecake


If you have little time, are afraid of the oven or it istoo hot to turn it on, no baked cheesecake is the fastest to make and the best of your choices. It is also a perfect alternative for those who prefer a lighter cheesecake. A no baked cheesecake does not have eggs or the extra cooking step that is replaced by cold in the fridge. For all these reasons, they are thinner cakes and do not usually exceed 5 cm in height. The proportion of cream cheese is usually lower than in the baked cheesecake, between 20-30 percent.


It is a simple recipe to which neutral gelatin or another type of rennet is generally added to give stability to the formula after going through the cooling process. Its taste is more neutral than that of baked cheesecake, with a texture more similar to a pudding or curd. Hence the importance of choosing a cream cheese with a fresh and lactic taste, with a very creamy texture to give character to our cold cheesecake. They are cakes that are usually presented with a light base in the form of crushed cookie crust mixed with butter. The function is twofold: to support the elaboration and at the same time, to give a crunchy and tasty contrast. In addition, it allows us to play with different types of biscuits (spicy speculoos, whole graham type or with a touch of salt) to give different nuances to the recipe.

Our cream cheeses most suitable for this type of cold cheesecake are the Regular Cream Cheese and the Original Recipe Cream Cheese. The latter is of great help in this form of no bake cheesecake, as its special composition with higher proportion of cheese allows to reduce the amount of gelatin in the recipe. At the same time, it accelerates its curdling and helps to keep it more stable for longer. Another option also applicable in the elaboration of cheesecake without oven, is our modality of Quescrem Sabores whenever you want to add a distinctive touch. You can use them alone or mix them with other of our cream cheese varieties.


The 2 trendy cheesecakes

Once the two basic types of cheesecake have been differentiated, the real party begins. If you are a true fan of cheesecake, you will know what we are talking about, the variety of preparations is endless. Traditional cheesecakes, with their own name, specific to a country or region, with fresh fruit or jam, or the more luxurious version with chocolate. As it is impossible to accommodate all of them, let us take a look at what we currently consider to be the 2 trendy cheesecake, partly thanks to the great power of social networks.


New York Cheesecake. New York style cheesecake is undoubtedly one of the most imitated and popular cakes on the planet. It has a higher proportion of cream cheese than other preparations, which is mixed with eggs, sugar and some flavorings. This formula results in a dense, extra-creamy cheesecake. Its appearance, with raised edges, is unmistakable.


Its most classic version has a method of baking in two times, at high temperature first and then at a lower temperature until it is fully baked and usually has a crust of biscuits as a base. It has hundreds of versions, so we can also find New York Cheesecake recipes cold curd. The Original Recipe Cream Cheese is ideal for this type of preparation helping to achieve a visually perfect baked cake.


Japanese cheesecake. From the Far East comes this type of cheesecake that is more like a cheese souffle than a cake for its airy texture, soft and elastic. Its essential characteristic is the total absence of flour and its higher percentage of eggs than other recipes. The egg whites must be incorporated beaten to a point of snow with an enveloping and soft movement so that the final mixture does not lower us. Japanese cheesecake has true followers who compete for the lightest and most spongy recipe, it should melt in your mouth like a cotton cloud!


For this type of cheesecake our Regular Cream Cheese will undoubtedly behave like a champion, precisely because it is a cheese with a very fresh and light flavour that adapts to the texture requirements that this dessert requires and helps us to maintain the structure after baking.


Tips and tricks for the perfect cheesecake


If you have a confectionery or hotel business and you are faced every day with the problem of having to process and keep a large volume of confectionery cold, then you need a special cream cheese so that your preparations can withstand all kinds of contingencies, without unpleasant last-minute surprises in catering or special events where significant advance planning is required. This is why Quescrem Cream Cheese Plus Regular has been designed, an innovative and versatile cream cheese that resists extreme temperatures. Your frozen cheesecakes made with this all-terrain cream cheese will not crystallize when subjected to freezing temperatures, nor will they generate whey when defrosted. After baking, you will notice that your thawed cheesecakes maintain their structure and creaminess as if they were freshly baked.


Do you need an extra creaminess in your preparations? A great option is to replace all or part of the cream cheese with mascarpone cheese. Our Mascarpone Quescrem has a very creamy texture and in addition to providing a mild dairy flavor to your cheesecake, will allow you to reduce the amount of stabilizers and butter. It is also available in a lactose-free version of mascarpone.


If you need a different touch with a more acid and fresh point in your cheesecakes, we advise you to introduce cream cheeses made with milks other than cow milk. This is the case of the Cream Cheese with Goat Cheese Log that provides the intense and characteristic flavor of the traditional roll with all the ease of handling, zero waste time saving that gives you the cream cheese. With this original touch of flavor your cheesecake will be a hit!


The other alternative we give you is the fresh taste of yogurt. For this we recommend our Culinary Yogurt, an innovative product 100 percent natural designed for cooking and has recently been distinguished with the seal Sial Innovation 2018. This is a unique product on the market, as it combines the texture of cream cheese with the intense yoghurt flavour. You will be able to create with it a surprising yogurt flavored cheesecake that will undoubtedly stand out among your elaborations.


With the different alternatives we have shown you today on the ways to make a cheesecake, we are sure that when you close your eyes again your imagination will explode and you will have thousands of ideas in your head that you will be wanting to carry out in your kitchen. We invite you to share them with us through our social networks and also to ask us any questions or suggestions you may have.


We look forward to helping you make the perfect cheesecake!


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