Esta empresa (innolact - Quescrem) participa no Plan Foexga 2016-2017 Operación cofinanciada polo Fondo Europeo de Desenvolvemento Rexional Programa Operativo FEDER Galicia 2014-2020.

Como apoio ao proceso de internacionalización, “(innolact),” ten axuda concedida pola Xunta de Galicia a través de IGAPE para participar no Plan de Fomento das exportacións galegas (Foexga) 2016 -2017, cofinanciado polo Fondo Europeo de Desenvolvemento Rexional no marco do Programa Operativo FEDER de Galicia 2014-2020, OT3 Conseguir un tecido empresarial mais competitivo. Unha maneira de facer Europa.

O obxectivo principal do Plan Foexga é incentivar e estimular o comercio exterior galego e a internacionalización das pemes galegas. O resultado que se pretende é aumentar a base de empresas exportadoras e consolidar a presenza de empresas galegas nos mercados internacionais.

Con la intención de otorgar mayor valor añadido tanto a la empresa como al sector lácteo, Quescrem se encuentra a la vanguardia en Investigación y Desarrollo de nuevos productos, desarrollo de productos a medida y formulaciones y aplicaciones únicas en el mercado.

Los recursos generados han sido continuamente reinvertidos en la empresa, destinando más de un 10% de su cifra de negocio anual a inversiones en I+D+i. Contamos con un departamento propio de I+D con más del 20% de la plantilla total de la empresa, en constante colaboración con el Centro tecnológico Lácteo de Lugo (CTLácteo) y con el CDTI (Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial), con el que hemos trabajado en importantes proyectos colaborativos.

*Se tiene a disposición de todas nuestras partes interesadas, la visión y el plan estratégico del sistema de gestión de I+D+i que rige la norma Une 166002, en la cual estamos certificados.



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Esta empresa participa nun proxecto de internacionalización, operación cofinanciada polo Fondo Europeo de Desenvolvemento Rexional programa operativo Feder Galicia 2014-2020.


Como apoio ao proceso de internacionalización, Innolact S.L., ten axuda concedida pola Xunta de Galicia a través do Igape cofinanciada polo Fondo Europeo de Desenvolvemento Rexional no marco do programa operativo Feder de Galicia 2014-2020, OT3 Conseguir un tecido empresarial máis competitivo. Unha maneira de facer Europa.

O obxectivo principal destas axudas é incentivar e estimular o comercio exterior galego e a internacionalización das pymes galegas. O resultado que se pretende é aumentar a base de empresas exportadoras e consolidar a presenza de empresas galegas nos mercados internacionais.





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Cream cheese, much more than a spread cheese


Possibly if we opened your fridge we would find at least a small bowl of cream cheese in it. Maybe you have different varieties of cream cheese and you like to use it as a quick snack spread on toast or with vegetables in crudité. Maybe you are a passionate pastry person and you love using cream cheese in cakes and sweet preparations. But regardless of how you use it, have you ever wondered how cream cheese is made and what ingredients does it have? If you are curious, in this article you will get the answers and we will go a little further, revealing all the uses and possibilities of cream cheese as an ingredient in the kitchen.

What is cream cheese and what is it made of?


 Are all cream cheeses the same? No, they are not, there are differences between the ingredients and in the ways of elaboration. Among the ingredients of most commercial brands of cream cheese are milk, which is usually pasteurized cow, cream, preservatives and stabilizers. The use of some raw materials over others will give rise to cream cheese with different organoleptic and functional profile.


For example, in addition to premium milk and cream, we use buttermilk to make cream cheese. Buttermilk is an ingredient with very good nutritional, organoleptic and functional properties. That is, by adding this ingredient of high biological value, we obtain a product with good sensory qualities, flavor and texture while very stable formulas.

How is the authentic cream cheese made?


The development of an authentic cream cheese is a simple process that consists of 5 main stages: reception of the raw material, mixing, pasteurization, fermentation and concentration.


Approximately 24 hours after the arrival of the raw materials and the start of the process, we have our cream cheese packaged and ready to send to our customers after making sure that it meets all the quality requirements, in terms of food safety, organoleptic qualities and properties functional.


Uses of cream cheese in sweet and salty pastries


- Frosting and fillers. Without a doubt it is one of its star applications in pastry. The use of cream cheese to make toppings, fillings and decoration of cakes and cupcakes gets a smooth and bright and very stable finish, it is also very easy to prepare and provides a slight acid point that is delicious.


- Cheesecake or cheesecake. A base production as simple as cream cheese whipped with sugar and egg has become one of the most famous cakes in the world. There are an infinity of varieties of cheesecake, from baked cheesecake, cheesecake without oven, mousse cheesecake,etc.


- Ice cream. You can get creamy and soft ice cream using cream cheese as the main ingredient. Alone or combined with the flavors of fruits, nuts, spices or chocolate will be spectacular. Its balance between fats and proteins make it an ideal base for the formulation of ice cream with a very good texture, creamy and with a delicious flavor.


 - Mousses. The incorporation of cream cheese in this type of elaborations allows you to obtain very stable formulas without having to exceed in the use of gelatins and other types of thickeners and / or stabilizers. The quality of the cream cheese that you use will also result in an optimal result of this type of preparations.


Uses of cream cheese in kitchen

- Paté. The use of cream cheese in spreads or pâté gives us a wide range of possibilities to play with flavors and textures.


 - Dough: The cream cheese is not only a decorative element of cakes and pies, it is also an excellent ingredient to add to the dough contributing juiciness and flavor.


 - Stuffed dough. Adds juiciness and creaminess to the fillings of croissants and pain au chocolat introducing the cream cheese as one of the main ingredients of the filling that will be very tasty.

Sauces. After melting, the cream cheese becomes a silky and very malleable ingredient, ready to mix with other components such as vegetables, citrus, spices and everything that your culinary imagination dictates.

- Fondue. This typical Swiss dish can have many versions, and one of them very quick and simple to make is using cream cheese.


-Smoothies. Add cream cheese to your fruit and vegetable smoothies, you will not only increase their creaminess but you will enrich them from the nutritional point of view.

After seeing all the applications in which you can use cream cheese as an ingredient, we are sure that you will begin to experiment and discover many more.


A cream cheese for every taste and demand


We currently offer an extensive variety of functional cream cheeses of the highest quality, a variety that we started with our Regular Cream Cheese. This initial formula was soon joined by varieties such as Light Cream Cheese with a lower percentage of fat and 40percent less calories than a normal cream cheese; and the 0 Lactose Cream Cheese special lactose variety for lactose intolerant who wish to take care of their digestions. Also thought about the growing concern for the origin of the ingredients of the products that are consumed, we have created the Organic Cream Cheese variety, a cream cheese made with 100percent organic fresh milk, free of GMOs and artificial additives.


On the other hand, the hotel, catering and pastry professional, requires differentiated products with better functionality for culinary applications. In response to this need, we have designed cream cheeses with high performance, which support different forms of cooking (including direct frying or freezing), easy to use and that reduce waste in the kitchen. In addition to our Natural cream cheese, we have an American-style Original Recipe ream cheese with a high texture and consistency. Cream Cheese Plus Regular, a cream cheese designed for cooking that combines high resistance to extreme temperatures of cold / heat and that is easily dosed without any waste. Culinary Yoghurt, a yogurt designed for cooking and with a very consistent and stable texture, similar to that of a cream cheese and that will transfer to all your preparations the taste of yogurt. To facilitate and reduce the time of preparations that include cheeses and reduce shrinkage when debarking and melting, we have designed a cream cheese with Manchego Cheese Spread and a Cream Cheese with Goat Cheese.


Finally, also meeting the demands of the final consumer to find a diverse selection of products in the market, we have worked to expand our family of cream cheeses available for direct purchase. This is the case of our range of cream cheeses with flavors, in which we find cream cheeses with another type of cheese, such as the aforementioned cream cheese with Manchego cheese spread or with Blue Cheese; and the cream cheeses with other ingredients such as cream cheese with Garlic and Herbs or the variety Pink Pepper. We also offer a variety of cream cheese made with Goat Milk and with all the flavor and nutritional benefits of goat cheese in a convenient ready-to-use tub.


And finally, some newcomers to the great Quescrem cream cheese family. Within the Smart Food range we have two fresh cheese products (Ideal Grill and Fresh Cheese +PRO 0percent Fat and Lactose Free) and two different cream cheese varieties: the Cream Cheese +PRO Light, with higher percentage of proteins and less fat than traditional cream cheeses, especially for those who have an active life and want to increase protein consumption without increasing fats in the diet; and the Junior +++ designed for the little ones of the house, a cream cheese enriched with iron and calcium for children of growing age, and with a flavor that they love.

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