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Culinary Yogurt

Quescrem Culinary Yoghurt and Raspberry Cake

Quescrem Culinary Yoghurt and Raspberry Cake
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For the almond sponge cake:
250g Egg white                             
130g Egg yolk                                
200g Sugar                             
320g Chopped almonds               
100g Plain pastry flour
For the yoghurt and raspberry cream:
200g Raspberry puree
5g Gelatin leaves             
18g Cocoa butter              
360g White chocolate coating
417g Quescrem Culinary Yoghurt

For the yoghurt mousse:
600g Quescrem Culinary Yoghurt
532g Cream (35% FAT)
30g Whole milk
140g Dextrose
180g Egg white
18g Gelatin leaves

For the white chocolate coating glaze:
288g Condensed milk
216g Water
430g Sugar
430g DE44 Glucose syrup
174g Water
30g Gelatin leaves
432g White chocolate coating
8g Powdered red dye
For the almond sponge cake:
Whip the egg whites together with the sugar until getting a meringue texture. Add the egg yolks and mix without overworking. Mix the chopped almonds and the flour. Blend smoothly. Pipe 60x40 and 900gr plates. Bake at 220ºC.

For the yoghurt and raspberry cream: 

Bring the raspberry puree to the boil. Add the gelatin leaves (previously hydrated). Strain the mixture and pour the hot milk on the white chocolate coating. Emulsify the mixture. Add the Quescrem Culinary Yoghurt. Let stand in the fridge for 12 hours minimum before using.
For the yoghurt mousse:

Heat up the milk, add the gelatin leaves (previously hydrated). Add the gelatin. Mix the Quescrem Culinary Yoghurt with the gelatin. Prepare a meringue using the egg whites and the dextrose. Add the meringue to the previous mixture. Add the smoothly whipped cream. Mix until getting an homogeneus mixture. Using immediately.
Line a 4cm high and 18cm diameter hoop using acetate tape. Place an almond sponge cake disc on the bottom (previously bathed in syrup). Fill with a coat of Quescrem Culinary Yoghurt mousse. Add an almond sponge cake disc, bathe it in syrup and place a Quescrem Culinary Yoghurt and raspberry cream disc (previously frozen). Fill with Quescrem Culinary Yoghurt mousse and freeze. Remove the mould and the acetate tape and sprinkle using white chocolate red glaze.
Decorate using white chocolat coating and fresh raspberries.