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Mascarpone 0% Lactose

Hibiscus mini-cheesecake

Hibiscus mini-cheesecake
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5 Digestive-type cookies
30 g. of unsalted butter
62 g. 0% lactose milk
1 egg yolk
43 g. of sugar
1 and a half sheet of gelatin
125 g. of 0% lactose cream
125 g. of mascarpone Quescrem 0% lactosa
Hibiscus gelatin:
75 ml. of water
1 teaspoon of sugar
3 tablespoons of dried hibiscus flowers
1 sheet of gelatin
Mini-cheescake: Grease a 12 cm. spring form pan. Crush up the biscuits and mix with melted butter. Line the mold base with the resulting mixture. Put the gelatin sheet in cold water to hydrate. Heat the milk with sugar and when it starts to boil, pour over the yolk, stirring constantly with a whisk. Add in the hydrated and drained gelatin and the cheese. Whip up the cream and add it to the mixture while stirring. Pour it all in over the biscuit base and keep in the fridge until the mixture congeals.
Hibuscus gelatin: Put the gelatin sheet in cold water to hydrate. Heat up the water, sugar and dried hibiscus flowers. Boil for 2 minutes and remove from heat. Strain and add the gelatin sheet and the put it through the blender. Let cool and pour over the cheese mousse.
Remove the mold from the mini-cheesecake made with a cookie base queso mascarpone Quescrem 0% lactose mousse and with dried  hibiscus flowers gelatin and place on a serving dish.