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Main Course
Manchego Cheese Spread

Duck Magret with potato gratin and cream cheese on PX sauce

Duck Magret with potato gratin and cream cheese on PX sauce
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For the magret
2 Magrets
The gratin

1 kg Potatoes for cooking (8 medium sized potatoes)
400 ml Cream
1 Garlic
1 Sprig of thyme
Salt & pepper
300 g. Quescrem cream cheese with Manchego Cheese PDO
1 Bag of grated cheese
For the sauce
250 ml Pedro Ximenez wine
50 g. Quescrem natural cream cheese
1 Sprig of thyme
2 Sprigs of currants
The gratin: Cook the cream with the garlic clove, thyme branch, black pepper and salt, all on low flame. Stir and let reduce until it begins to thicken. Remove from heat, stir the garlic and add the Quescrem cream cheese with Manchego cheese PDO, stirring well.
Peel the potatoes and slice them with a 3 millimeter thick grater. Cut off the sides to make them rectangular.
Place a base of potato slices on baking paper on an elongated oven tray, and then the cheese sauce on top. Repeat until the dish is finished. Bake at 150 degrees Celsius for one hour. Poke the potato with a fork to make sure it is done. Set aside and then sprinkle grated cheese and gratin on top before serving.
The magret:Make longitudinal surface cuts on the fatty part of the magret and bake at 200 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes if you like it cooked medium. 5 more minutes if you want it medium-well.
The sauce: Stir the wine and cheese with a whisk to give consistency to the sauce. Heat on very low flame without stopping stirring at the time of serving.
Cut the magret into fillets and sprinkle with salt. Accompany it with a square piece of gratin and a spoonful of sauce. Garnish with a twig of thyme and currants.