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Cream Cheese Original Recipe

Cupcakes with Quescrem Original Recipe cream cheese frosting

Cupcakes with Quescrem Original Recipe cream cheese frosting
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Cupcakes came from the United States and exploded on to the scene for being very visually seductive thanks to Quescrem Original Recipe cream cheese frosting.
320 g. of Quescrem cream cheese Original Recipe
60 g. of butter
185 ml. of Whole milk
185 g. of egg whites
100 g. of egg yolk
90 g. of icing sugar
30 g. of medium wheat flour
24 g. of corn starch
Lemon juice
100 g. of Quescrem cream cheese Original Recipe
300 g. of butter
300 g. of icing sugar
Base: Melt the cream cheese, without excessive heating or beating. Add in the butter and mix with a spoon. Add the salt to the milk and mix it with the cheese and butter and finally add in the beaten egg yolks. Make a meringue with the egg whites and add the sugar. Pour it into the cheese mixture and finally add the starch, flour and lemon juice.
Put the mixture into a cupcake baking tray and bake them in a bain-marie at 180 ºC for15-20 minutes. Let them cool.
Frosting: Soften the butter and mix it with the Quescrem cream cheese Original Recipe. Stir in the sifted icing sugar and put the mixture into a pastry bag.
Put the frosting on the cooled cupcakes and add chopped almonds as toppings or any other candy decorations.