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Traditional fresh cheese

Bite of fresh cheese with tuna tataki and mango vinaigrette

Bite of fresh cheese with tuna tataki and mango vinaigrette
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10 units (100 g.) of bread toast
30 g. of rocket salad
200 g. de Quescrem Traditional Fresh Cheese
150 g. of tuna tataki
100 g. of mango vinaigrette

For the tuna tataki:
150 g. of tuna loins
17,5 g. of soy sauce
8,95 g. of rice vinegar
1 g. of sesame seeds
0,2 g. of ginger
0,35 g. of salt

For the mango vinaigrette: 
5,7 g. of white wine vinegar
13,5 g. of mango
0,6 g. of garlic
5 g. of extra virgin olive oil 
0,6 g. of mustard
7,5 g. of apple juice
0,06 g. of salt
0,06 g. of pepper
For the tuna tataki:
Put in a bowl the soy sauce, the rice vinegar, the ginger and the salt. Add the tuna loins and marinate for a minimum hour. After that time, coat the tuna loins with the sesame seeds. Pass very lightly through the hot pan (about 10 seconds on each side). When they are cold, cut into thin steaks with a sharp knife.

For the mango vinaigrette:
Mix all the ingredients and blend.

Place some rocket salad leaves on the toast. Add on it some slices of Quescrem Traditional Fresh Cheese. Put the tuna tataki on the fresh cheese and decorate with the mango vinaigrette and some pistachios.