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Traditional fresh cheese

Bite of fresh cheese with beetroot hummus

Bite of fresh cheese with beetroot hummus
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10 units (200 g.) of bread toast
200 g. de Quescrem Traditional Fresh Cheese
5 g. of black sesame seeds
100 g. of beet hummus

For the beet hummus
58 g. of cooked chickpeas
27,6 g. of cooked beetroot 
10 g. of lemon juice
2,7 g. of tahini
0,6 g. of garlic
0,5 g. of salt
0,6 g. of cumin
For the beetroot hummus:
Mix all the ingredients with a blender until there is a fine and homogeneous mixture. If you want a softer texture can be reduced with the cooking water of the chickpeas. You can add a stream of extra virgin olive oil.
Put on the bread toast or on a spoon for tasting a slice of fresh cheese, cover it with a spoonful of beetroot hummus and decorate with some black sesame seeds.

Note: You can use zest or lime peel to decorate.